How The Light Gets In

“There is a crack in everything,” Leonard Cohen sings in Anthem.   “That’s how the light gets in.”

When things get rough, I like to focus on that line.  There will always be a crack in your everything; maybe you’ve gone too deep into yourself and are pushing out at the seams with your own air, or maybe you’ve been battered by the winds of life.

Whatever the case, here it is and here you are–cracked.  You are an assemblage of unguarded entries.  But what do you let in?  The light or the dark?

The person who says nice job and smiles at you, or the ten friends of friends whose pages you creep to mine resentment?  The sense of accomplishment at a job well done or the ways you feel you should’ve been better?  The clean or the convoluted?

Things aren’t always that simple, of course.  Sometimes there is no accounting for circumstance.  But sometimes when you don’t attend to the cracks, they become caverns.  Black, vorticious nightmares.  Those aren’t so easily remedied.

So here you are–cracked.  What do you let in?  The light or the dark?


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